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LOT: 078

14 Masechtas in 9 volumes and 3 sections—Zhitomir printing by the Shapira brothers, grandchildren of the Rebbe from Slavita

9 volumes of Gemara, the Babylonian Talmud printed in Zhitomir by the Shapira brothers, the grandchildren of the Rebbe from Slavita: Volume 1. Masechet Beitza—small date 1864, 2 title pages. Volume 2. Pesachim, 1861, 2 title pagess. Volume 3. Pesachim (3 title pages)—Hagiga, 1861. Volume 4. Masechet Gittin—Nazir, 2 title pages, 1863. Volume 5. Masechet Baba Kama, 1 title page, 1858. Volume 6. Masechet Baba Metziya, 2 title pages, 1859. Volume 7. Masechet Sanhedrin, 2 title pages, 1859. Volume 8. Masechet Makot—Zevachim, 2 title pages, 1860. Volume 9. Masechet Arhin—Temura—Kritut—Me’ila—laws of Yom Tov from Maharit Elgazi; 1 title page for each section, 1860. With three title pages of the Zhitomir printing—Mishnayot, Masechet Nida, Masechet Nedarim. In total 14 masechtot in 9 volumes. Signatures of handwritten ownership by an Ashkenazi in some of the volumes. The volumes are in different conditions, some with defects, water stains, moth marks.
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