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LOT: 058

Lot of 14 shana tova cards and pictures of the Tzaddik Rabbi Elazar Brizel.

Sent by Rabbi Elazar Brizel with pictures of him and his family. He was an elder of the Karlin-Stolin Chassidic group, dear colleague of many of the great sages of his generation who taught Torah to the masses, years of his life were spent spreading Torah, both across Israel and in Jerusalem specifically. Was in contact with the Chazon Ish, Gaon of Tshevin, Gaon of Teplik, and others. It is wonderful to note the story that when he was about to die—he was 97 years old—around 100 of his descendants gathere around him and began to read psukim “Hashem Melech, Hashem Hu HaElokim,” and Shema Yisrael. One of his grandsons answered that because the phrase “I believe” was so constantly said by him, they ought to all recite the 13 principles for strengthening their belief. They accepted the idea and did so. A few hours later his will was found. Inside was written “If I merit that they will gather around my bed when my sould leaves, they will say “I believe” together with me.” Different sizes and conditions, generally very good condition.
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