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LOT: 062

Set of 10 books of the Chafetz Haim, with a complete set of the Mishneh Brurah.

1. “Safra,” also called “Torat Kohanim,” first section, with “a new commentary in short, clear language,” with handwritten glosses by the Gr”a. By Rabbi Yisrael Meir HaKohen, the Chafetz Haim, Pietrekov 1911. First edition (Friedberg 651). Good condition. 2. “Chafetz Haim,” halachot on forbidding lashon hara and gossip. Vilna 1877. Second edition, with the book “Shmirat HaLashon” Vilna 1879, second edition. Good condition. Signature of ownership on the cover page, “Of the books of Shai Horwitz.” Handwritten gloss. 3. “Chafetz Haim,” Warsaw 1884, with the book “Shmirat HaLashon,” good condition. 4. Set of the Mishneh Brurah, 6 sections. Sections 1-6. Warsaw-Pietrekov, 1901. Similar bindings. Generally good condition. Stains. In total, 10 books of the Chafetz Haim.
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