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LOT: 030

Lot of 10 rare books. First and lone editions. By the sages of Morocco. Beginning of the 20th century.

1. Zichrei Kehuna, two sections, chiddushim on the Tanach and Talmud Bavli, organized alphabetically. By Rabbi David HaKohen, a rabbi in Katzmatina, and author of many books. Printed by Boaz Hadad, Djerba 1948. 3, 57 pages. 21cm. 2. Asher LeShlomo, Shot (Q&A). By Rav Shlomo Even Danan, chief rabbi of Fez. Printed by Zuckerman, Jerusalem 1901. [5], 157 pages. 33cm. 3. Maskeel L’David, commentaries on the Tanach. By Rav David (bar Avraham) Tzabach, a motz in Marrakesh. Printed by Yaakov Gig, Tunis 1910. 184 pages. 32cm. 4. Shoshanim LeDavid, two sections, Q&A on the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch. By Rav David (bar Masoud) Tzabach (1869-1955), dayan and rabbi in El Jadida and in Kannita. Student of his father, Rabbi Masoud, and of Rabbi Refael Ankowa, at the end of his life he moved to Jerusalem. With dedication by the author. Printed by Razon, Casablanca, 1935. [2], 4 56; 148 pages. 34cm. 5. Karnei Ram, Q&A. By Rav Refael Ankowa (1848-1935), a dayan and rosh yeshiva, chief rabbi of Rabbat and leader of the Moroccan Jewish community in recognizing the French rule. Author of To’afot Ram, Pa’amonei Zahav, and more. Missing the cover page. Printed by Zuckerman, ,Jerusalem 1910. [4], 251 pages. 34cm. 6. Birkat Avraham on Masechet Brachot, by Rabbi Avraham HaKohen (1898-1931), an important rabbi of Djerba. Printed by D. Idan and Rav Sofer, Djerba 1933. [3], 89 pages. 30cm. 7. Nofet Tzufim, Q&A on the four sections of the Shulchan Aruch. By Rav Petachya Mordechai Birdogo (1764-1820), a rabbi in Makhnes. Autho of Petuchei Chotem. Printed byb Razon, Casablanca 1938. [1], 4, 214 pages. 34cm. 8. Bakesh Shlomo, Q&A. By Rav Shlomo Even Danan (1848-1929), chief rabbi of Fez. On page 98 there are two wonderful engravings of the court of Shlomo. Casablanca 1935, Elbaz brothers printing, no binding. 1935. [4], 98, [10] pages. 32cm. 9. Minchat HaOmer, Q&A and chiddushim. By Rav Omer Abutbul (1820-1854), a sage of Sefrou in Morocco. Was rich and his home hosted many great sages of Israel. Printed by Boaz Hadad, Djerba. 1950. [7], 103; 59, [4], 28 pages. 31cm. 10. Chayei Amram, Q&A. By Rav Amram Elbaz (1799-1853), a rabbi and paytan in Sefrou, author of Binyan Na’arim and Kol Zimra. Printed by the Tzayag brothers, Mekhnes, 1949. [22], 219 pages. 31cm.
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