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LOT: 019

Lot of 10 important and rare books and pamphlets from Jerusalem.

1. “Ben Yehode’ah” exegeses and commentaries on the aggadot of the Shas, through Pardes, by Gaon Rabbi Yosef Haim, the Ben Ish Hai, sections 3 and 5. Jerusalem 1900- 1904, first edition, with title pages in gold ink. Rare. Generally good condition (section 3 the cover page is loose and the last page has damage). 2. Pamphlet “Asirei HaTikvah” by the Kabbalist Rav Yehuda Patya, Jerusalem 1940, good condition. 3. “Ashira La” in two sections (separate cover pages) with chiddushim on the Torah, Prophets, and Writings, through the pshat and mysticism, by the Gaon Rabbi Shalom ben Refael Gabbay. Jerusalem 1895, first edition. Last page os section 1 has 2 poems for a wedding, handwritten from 1900. Good condition. 4. “Mekeetz Nirdamim,” drashot of mussar, given Gaon Rabbi Tzedaka Khotzin in the synagogue “Shmesh Tzdaka” before blowing the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, Jeruslaem 1943. First edition. Good condition. 5. “Teivat Moshe,” commentaries and chiddushim on the Torah by Gaon Rabbi Moshe Baruch of Bukhara, Jerusalem 1899, first edition, excellent condition. 6. “Yedei Eliyahu” third section, questions and answers on halacha and aggadah, all of the book is with vowels (not common in books of Q&A). By Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu Yitzhak Chazan, Jerusalem 1937. First edition, good condition, pages loose and stains. 7. Pamphlet on milking, by Gaon Rabbi Avraham Haim Na’eh, Jerusalem 1939, first edition, rare. 8. “Moshe Emet v’Torato Emet,” minhagim of the Chatam Sofer, published from a manuscript, Jerusalem 1942. 9. “Sha’arei Tefila,” Jerusalem 1930, excellent condition. In total, 9 books in 10 volumes, different sizes.
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