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LOT: 167

Lot of rare and unique amulets

1. Copper plate with hammer and engraving work of Hashem’s name, at the top is a keter torah with birds and plants and flowers. Israel, 20th century. Generally good condition. 2. Amulet on parchment, especially long (69x37cm) with holy names, illustrations. 3. Amulet on paper, 24 x17cm, holy names, kabbalistic illustrations. 4. Pair of amulets in leather housings, sewn by hand and closed, not checked outside the cases.5x5cm. 5. Amulet on paper with Hashem’s name, Eliyahu, Rabbi Meir ba’al HaNes, and more. 11.5x12cm. 6. Manuscript with 14 pages in Sefardi handwriting on kabbalah, segulot, and prayers. Beginning of the 20th century. 10.5cm high. 7. Amulet on parchment, with holy names. 8x9cm.
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