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LOT: 064

Lot book "Beit Meir" Two Pieces

Lot 2 books: Beit Meir Rabbi Meir Pozner on Yoreh De'ah Warsaw Tr"l, first edition. Even HaEzer Lemberg Tktz"o, second edition, with sides of the house, a separate title. Good condition. Rabbi Meir Pozner grandson and great grandson of the Maharal of Prague, at the age of thirteen he married a woman from the community of Poznan, about thirty-six he was appointed rabbi Mezritch, and then served as Konigsberg for seventeen years in Tkm"b, was accepted as a rabbi in shotland, where he sat about twenty-five years to his death in Tks"z, Rabbi Akiva Eiger his question turns to him with respect and admiration. (spare him and written a book Tel Talpiot, Nino Rabbi Meir Nomberg see this catalog Rabbi Meir Nomberg letter).
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