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LOT: 017

Lot of important works of kabbalah: Mishnat Chassidim, Amsterdam 1740; Pat Lechem Livorno 1794; Pitchei Chochma, Johannesburg 1857

Book Mishnat Hasidim: "This book was authored by the great rabbi Emanuel Hai ben Avraham Riki in the city of Livorno" Amsterdam - 1740. The author Rabbi Rafael Emanuel Hai Riki was a kabbalistic rabbi and Italian poet. When he was thirty, he immigrated to Eretz Israel and settled in Safed, where he learned the wisdom of Kabbalah and studied the writings of the Arizal. After about two years he left Safed due to an epidemic that broke out in the Upper Galilee and went back abroad. On the ship he was riding, robbers attacked and captured him with his family. After forty days he was redeemed and came to Italy for the city of Livorno. During this period he composed his essay Mishnah Hasidim, which is in fact his main essay dealing with deep explanations of Kabbalah. [6], 132 pages. Unchecked signatures. Stains on pages, few moth holes, rebound. Good general condition. Sefer Pat Lechem, first Edition Livorno - 1794. By Rabbi Elisha Havilio (1719-1800), printed by the partners Rabbi Ya'akov Noonis and Rabbi Raphael Muldula". The author was the distinguished disciple of Rabbi David Pardo, this essay deals with the interpretation and intention of the blessings of enjoyment according to the Kabbalah. On the title page is a particularly interesting signature: "Mordechai Chaim et Atar." Signature that has not been properly checked. [3], 77 pages. Light stains, re-binding in good general condition. The Book of Pitchei Chochma, by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto [Ramchal] by the printer Haim Ari. Johannesburg - 1857. With the introduction by the man who brought it to the printing house, and the “Book of the Tree of Life," a Preface to the book [also taught as an essay in itself even for those engaged only in revelatory theory]. 142 page. Unchecked signature, original binding worn, damaged leather spine, good general condition.
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