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Books of the Hatam Sofer for His Family and Students

4 books: 1. Updates of the Hatam Sofer on Masechet Gitin, Vienna 1893, first edition, 75 pages. 2. “Hatam Sofer” book, explanations, comments, and notes by HaRav Yosef Naftali Stern, Cluj 1929, first edition. Title page with green color (Friedberg 1302). 3. “Full of Incense” including explanations and obituaries, by HaRav Eliezer Zussman, Pressburg, 1872. First edition, with seal of ownership on the cover. 4. “Rebbe Meir Sheek” updates and exegeses on the Torah, by the Gaon the Righteous Rabbi Moshe Sheek the head of the religious court of Khowst, student of the Hatam Sofer, Mukachevo 1905, first edition. In total, 4 books, generally good condition. With certificates of ownership, different sizes of book.
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