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LOT: 020

Lot of books printed in Jerusalem.

1. Petirat Moshe, 1897. Midrash on Vezot HaBracha, which are taught in the early morning hours of Hoshanah Raba. Accompanied by the death of Aharon HaKohen…it is good to same them during the early morning of Hoshana Raba. The copy has an exegesis in Persian, which is traditional in Bukhara to have commentaries and drashot in their language during the ashmoret (early morning) of Hoshana Raba. Many signs of use, stains and tears, light damage to the text, generally ok to good condition. 2. Cheshek Shlomo, 1905. Miniature pamphlet of Birkat HaMazon with tafsir, tunes and expressions with translation into Persian. Cover is torn and partially missing, with tape, generally ok to good condition. 3. Ner Neshama, 1904. Studying of chapters of Mishna for the mourning year and the yartzeit, additional various prayers. Generally good condition. 4. Hatkanot, skamot, and minhagim traditional to Jerusalem—1883. Of the Sefardi community in Jerusalem, printed by Yoel Moshe Salamon in Jerusalem. An important historical work. Moth damage, tears and stains, pages disconnected, generally ok to good condition. 5. Kol HaMitzvah, section 1, 1895. Book on the mitzvot between man and God, by Rabbi Yaakov Orenstein, student of the Maharil Diskin, and head of the Ohel Moshe yeshiva in Jerusalem. Nice copy, complete. 6. Levenat HaSapir—only edition, 1913. Commentary on the Midrash Ne’elam and Tosefta to the book of the Zohar. By “Rabbi David ben Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid, in 1325 C.E., found lying in the beit midrash of the great Shlomo Mosiyov.” Introduction by Rabbi Shlomo Aharon Wertheimer, who explains the value and importance of the book and its author. Moth marks and light tears, generally good condition. Original binding in good condition. Dedication: From the yeshivat Rehovot HaNahar in honor of Yosef Haim…ben HaRav Shalom…” with stamp of the yeshiva.
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