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LOT: 027

Lot of rare books from Amsterdam printings from the 16-18th centuries

1. Volume with the three books of mussar, Se’a Solet, Merapeh LaNefesh, Orech Hayyim v’Tochechet MeGola, by Rabbi Raphael Ben Gabriel Nurtzi of Mantua (16th Century), one of the greatest scholars of Italy - Amsterdam, 1757. [3], 15; 3, 31, [1]; [4], 34; 10 pages. Separate title page for the first three books. Tears on some edges of pages with adhesions. Moth holes. General condition - good. Ownership stamps: "Yitzhak Meir Markovich from Jerusalem, in Tzfat", "Moshe Halpin." Ancient Signature: "Joseph [?] Maharimlov." Original binding with leather spine, various binding defects. 2. Sefer Or Hadash, on the Laws of the Matzot Blessings and Blessings of Enjoyment and more by Rabbi Haim Buchner of Krakow, with the consent of the owner of the "Tosafot Yom Tov" and more - Amsterdam 1671. [6], 53, [3] pages. Tape to title page. Minor defects. New cover. Good general condition. 3. Mishnat Hasidim, by Rabbi Emanuel Hai Ben Avraham Riki in the city of Livorno "- Amsterdam, 1740. [6], 132 pages. Interesting signature on the cover, not checked. Various stains. New binding. Generally good condition.
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