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LOT: 003

Lot of books from Zhitomir printing

1. “Mishnayot” seder Taharot, with commentary of Rabbeinu Ovadia of Bartenura, and the ikar of tosafot Yom Tov, and additions and glosses. Zhitomir Shapira 1863. 206 page. 2 cover pages, light defects on the first pages, not bound, pocket-sized 19cm. 2. “Tikkun Leil Shavuot,” copy is missing the beginning and the end, before us is page 3-160. Zhitomir 1864, page numbering in the complete copy is 168 pages. The condition of the pages changes, some in ok condition, others in bad; the majority is ok, lots of moth damage. Not bound. 3. Chumash of Deuteronomy, with commentary of the Or HaHayyim, and the rest of the commentaries, with prayers. Copy is missing the beginning, the copy before us is from page 1 until 183 (the end is complete) and the order of prayers from 1-10 (missing the end). Generally good condition, not bound, stains and wear.
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