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LOT: 005

Set of Masechtot from the Shas, Zhitomir, 7 volumes. With colorful and rare dust jackets.

7 volumes of the Gemara, Talmud Bavli, Zhitomir printing—the Shapira brothers, grandsons of the Rav of Slavita. 1. Eruvin, 1862. 2 cover pages in red ink. 2. Masechet Yevamot, 3 cover pages (!) the first (dust jacket) with green ink. Rare. 3. Baba Metziya, 1859, 2 cover pages, 1 in red ink, first pages are in awful condition. 4. Holin, Zhitomir, 1860, 2 cover pages. 5. Sanhedrin, 1859, 3 cover pages. First is a dust jacket in yellow, 2 with red ink. 6. Bechorot, 1861, Temura, Kritut, Meila, halachot of Yom Tov of the Maharit Elgazi, 1860, 3 title pages, the first is a dust jacket in yellow. 7. Nida, with mishnayot of Seder Taharot with a separate cover page, 1861, 3 title pages, first in blue ink, 2 additional cover pages with red ink. Most of the volumes are in good to ok condition, original leather binding in different conditions.
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