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LOT: 072

Lot of Two Handwritten Likutei Midrashim. Yemen 19th Century.

Lot of two handwritten manuscripts of Likutei Midrashim 1. Handwritten Likutim from Divrei Chachameinu regarding the Ten Martyrs and from the book of Ma’aseRokach. SeferPa’anach Raba. Sefer Kavenet Shmuel. Wondrous things from Rabbi Shimshon of Ostropoli and the Kabbalists. Pleasant and professional handwriting. Identity of the writer is unknown. 19 pages. 12x9 “cm. New binding. Good condition. 2. Handwriten Likutim from Divrei Chachameinu. Midrashim and Ma’asiyot from four drashot. 10x7 “cm. 6 pages. 10 “cm. Stains. New binding. Overall good condition.
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