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LOT: 018

Important set of 24 books from different printers in Jerusalem—Some complete, others missing pages.

Complete books: 1. “Mavo She’arim” of the Maharhav, 1904, golden ink title page. 2. “Sha’ar HaPesukim” of the Maharhav, 1912 (two copies). 3. “Helkat Mehukak” with locations of sections of graves on the Mt. of Olives—important and rare. 1896. 4. “Shirat Moshe” HaRav Moshe Meizlish 1907. 5. “Mishkenot L’Abir Yaakov” 1894. 6. “Bechorei Tziyyon” 1903. 7. “Chiddushei HaRan Rosh Hashanah” first edition, 1871. Volume with additions of the Ritba Warsaw 1912. 8. “L’Dod Emet” from HaRav Hida; Bak printing 1844—rare. 9. “Even Bochen” 1900, volume with “Mas’at Moshe” of HaRav Moshe Yair Weinstock 1933 with ‘Sha’ar Bo’az’ of HaRav Noah Merdamesk 1933. 10. “Sod Etz HaDa’at” 1891. 11. Psalms with commentary “Mateh L’Shem” 1927. 12. Answers of the Geonim “Hemda Gnuza” Jerusalem, printed by Yisrael Bak 1863. 13. “Torah from Tziyyon” 1902. 14. “Shvitat HaShabbat” 1913. 15. “Me’arat Sadeh HaMachpelah” 1910. 16. “Kriyei Mo’ed” sections 1 and 2, printed by Yisrael Bak 181843-1844, S. HaLevi 20. (in two sections with lots of heavy moth damage). Books missing pages: 1. Corrections of the Zohar with commentary “KeGan HaYerek” a thick book, 1909. 2. “Em LaMasoret” with “Zikaron Yerushalayim” printed by Nissan Bak 1876. 3. “Mishmeret HaBrit” printed by Yisrael Bak 1846. 4. “Sha’ar HaHakdamot” of the Maharhav, printed by Yisrael Bak 1871. 5. “LeDod Emet” from HaRav Hida printed by Yisrael Bak 1844. 6. “Havat Yerushalayim” printed by Yisrael Bak 1844. Most of the books in good condition. There are different signatures and stamps of ownership that weren’t examined. Different sizes and conditions. A big and important set.
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