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LOT: 008

Lot of five books from Zhitomir, copies to complete missing sections.

1. Or Zaru’ah, piskei halacha from Rabbeinu Yitzhak ben Moshe of Vienna. Sections 1 and 2, printed by grandsons of the Rav of Slavita, Rabbi Hanina Lipa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heschel Shapira in Zhitomir, in 1862, first edition printed. “This is the first publication from the printing house, found from an old parchment manuscript from a few hundred years earlier.” A separate cover for each section, red letters on the cover page. Moth damage, generally ok to good condition, complete copy. 2. Milin D’Rabanan by Rabbi Yisrael Mash Manash. Zhitomir 1854. Copy is partially missing without a cover page. 3. Midrash Talpiot, Zhitomir 1860. Partially missing, without cover page. 4-5. Two copies of the Shla, partially missing. Zhitomir 1856. Various conditions, bindings missing, moth damage, stains, tears in the pages. Generally ok condition.
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