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Lot with books of chiddushim on the Shas: Petah HaOhel (Zulzbach 1691), Shem Enosh (Warsaw 1902), pamphlet by Rabbi Haim Yona (Lemberg 1807), Sefer HaYashar by Rabbeinu Tam (Vienna 1811).

Petah HaOhel, first edition (Zulzbach 1691), a unique book on various subjects, organized alphabetically, by Rabbi Avraham ben Rabbi Yehuda Leib of Premyslan. Last page has an interesting signature: ‘Avraham Shneor [?]…[?]. Number of places bear a stamp in the local language: “D. Feldman Rabiner.” [1] 30 pages, including a verse listing. At the end is an additional text by the author with a separate cover, also called Petah HaOhel, with exegesis on the rules of the Shas and a summary. [2], 33 pages. Some moth holes, generally good condition. Shem Enosh (Warsaw 1902), first edition. “The introduction to my book which will, with God's help, be released in a few days from the printing press…” by Rabbi Yosef Aharon Rabinowitz (1853-1922), a Lithuanian Chassidic rabbi, grandson of the Gaon Rabbi Dover of Nesvizh, known as the ‘Rosh HaBarzel’, studied in Volozhin under the Beit HaLevi, father of the Brisk method, and authored a number of additional books (including the Pri David). While still a youth he began wearing Chassidic garb, and in Warsaw became famous as a miracle worker, and also began organizing tishes according to the custom of Admorim, because of which he became known as the “Litvisher Rebbe” or the “Misnagedisher Rebbe.” This work deals with kabbalah. Printed in Warsaw by Doverush Torsh. Sticker of the central library in Warsaw which testifies that this book was “a Jewish book in Poland saved from destruction, 1947.” Stamps from the Chochmei Lublin yeshiva library. [1], 24 pges, 48 total pages including a table of mistakes. Small tear to the first page, large tear on the error table, no damage to text. Generally good condition. Pamphlet by Rabbi Haim Yona (Lemberg 1807), by Rabbi Haim Yona Teumim, Av Beit Din of Breslau (1690-1728). The author died when he was only 38 years old. Known mainly for this book on halacha—Choshen Mishpat. [8], 9-24 pages. Signature of ownership not checked. Small tears, generally good condition. Sefer HaYashar by Rabbeinu Tam (Vienna 1811). This copy has many glosses and corrections, some very significant. Throughout are different types of writing, probably written by a number of people. [2], 87 pages. Tear on the cover, no damage to text, generally good condition.
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