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LOT: 011

Lot, volume from the Talmud Bavli and the first section from Halachot Rav Elfas—Zhitomir 1860.

1. Volume from Talmud Bavli “Shas Zhitomir” (includes the masechtot Bekhorot, Archin, Temura, Kritut, Me’ilah). And halachot Bechorot and Challah of the Ramban. Separate cover for each of the masechtot. At the beginning of the volume are two covers in red and black. Important and in-demand edition of the Shas. 2. First section of Halachto Rav Elfas. On Masechtot: Brachot, Shabbat, Eruvin. Both are bound in original leather bindings, with signatures and listings of ownership. | The Shapira family printing house of Slavita was closed down following a blood libel and reopened in Zhitomir in 1847, by the grandsons of the Slavita Rav, Rabbi Chanina Lifa and Rabbi Yehoshua Heshel Shapira, and operated until 1864. Books printed by the Slavita and Zhitomir printing houses are known to be especially holy: the printing tools were dipped in a mikvah before beginning work. It is a famous segula that owning one of the books preserves the home from danger and affords the owner success. | 38cm. Generally good condition.
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