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LOT: 316

Long letter from Rabbi Yitzhak Menachem Mendel Bernstein, nephew of the “HaAvnei Nezer.”

4 columns of divrei torah, prisat shalom, and various issues, handwritten by Rabbi Yitzhak Menachem Mendel Bernstein, son of Rabbi Zalman of Bialy, grandson of Rabbi Ze’ev Nachum of Bialy—who was the father of Rabbi Avraham Bernstein, the Avnei Nezer, Admor of Sochotchov. The letter was sent from Shedlitz. Date not noted. According to the letter, the addressee was supposed to serve in the rabbinate of Shedlitz. Folded folio page, 22x33cm. Light tears in the corners of the pages, no missing text. Generally very good condition.
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