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LOT: 446

Holy handwriting of the Kabbalist Rabbi Yaakov Haim Sofer, 15 pages from his great book “Kef HaHayyim”

Halachot of tefilin and prayers, written by his hand—the autograph of the compiler! 15 written pages, very crowded and written on both sides, with erasures, corrections, and additions between the lines. Size of the pages 23cm. Gaon Rabbi Yaakov Haim Sofer (1870-1939), born in Bavel, student of Rabbi Abdallah Somech and Rabbi Yosef Haim, the Ben Ish Hai. A sage of Bavel and Jerusalem, a great posek, compiler of the series of books “Kef HaHayyim,” he spent all his days studying torah and writing compositions in the attic of the “Shoshanim L’David” synagogue in Jerusalem which the Ben Ish Hai founded. Composed many additional books. Good condition, light wear on a number of pages, the pages are bound with a new leather binding, handsome, with gilded engraving and the pictre of the tzaddik.
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