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LOT: 238

Manuscript, booklet of debits and credits with handwritten signature of the gaon Rabbi Asher Zeev Werner, Ra’avad of Tiberias.

From a businessman name Haim Horwitz from the town of Migdal (next to Tiberias). Includes dozens of pages written by hand, with calculations and accounting of business and personal transactions, from buying land and paying mortgages to paying for his son’s wedding and support from his mother. Written over 25 years, from 1914-1939, written mostly in Hebrew but also with Yiddish and English. At the end, when he was already old and dying, he wrote a detailed will for his assets and he had two witnesses sign, Mr. Mordechai Shlomo Guttman and Rav Menachem Mendel Hen Tov. In the margins are 4 lines handwritten and signed by Rabbi Asher Zeev Werner,Ra’avad of Tiberias, who approves the will. Rabbi Asher Zeev Werner (1894-1958) was a kabbalist, served as Ra’avad of Tiberas after his rabbi’s death. Member of the Council of Torah Sages, sons-in-law include the Gra’ad Auerbach and Rabbi Haim Shalom Deutsch, an important rabbi for Chabad. | Bound in nice binding. Light defect to the margins of the binding. 100 pages. 30x13cm. Generally good condition.
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