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LOT: 150

Manuscript, the Book She'arYashuv in the Handwriting of Rabbi ShmuelShmelke of Krakow. Autograph – 1740. A Historical Discovery

A manuscript, a complete book ready for print. Appears never to have been published. The book is in the handwriting of Rabbi Shmuel Shmelke of Krakow. At the beginning of the book is a colophon which explains the content of the book in rhyme, and at the end: "The author's name is in the introduction which appears immediately after the colophon. And it is slightly by way of trickery". The book is a commentary on the Five Books of the Torah and the Megillot, on four levels. Rabbi David Shmuel ShmelkeShidlov of Krakow. A great and famous genius in his time, appointed as Rabbi of Khmylnik in 1729 and as Rabbi of Krakow in 1732, where they made his life difficult and argued with him. He died in 1751. His son Rabbi Moshe Mendel of Krakow (OtzarHaRabbanum 5224). Originalbinding reinforced with sellotape. Worming marks. | [4], 121 leaves. 22x18 cm. Confirmation of the expert Shimon Schwartz is enclosed with the manuscript. Overall condition: Good.
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