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LOT: 062

A moving letter in the handwriting and with the signature of Rabbi Chaim of Brisk, Rabbi Abba Leib and Rabbi Nissan Brody

A moving letter, signed by the foremost Lithuanian rabbi about the young man Paduel of Kavkez who wanted to study the laws and methods of a shochet. He went to the various great Lithuanian rabbis to ask for their help and received warm recommendations from them in their handwriting, and signed with their original stamp. The first signee, Rabbi Chaim of Brisk wrote at length with warm words and signed in his handwriting and stamp: Chaim HaLevi Soloveitchik Brisk, Lithuania. He was then joined by Rabbi Abba Leib Shapiro, who wrote: I also plead for pity for the young man…who wants to learn the laws of shechita and the trade of the shochet and he is therefore looking for a shochet who wants to teach him without payment or to collect donations to pay for such studies, therefore I ask that you treat the young man kindly… on Sunday 12 Sivan 1903… with his signature and stamp: Abba Leib son of Rabbi S.M. Shapiro Sharshav. On the back of the page is the letter of Rabbi Nissan Brody dated Monday Rosh Chodesh Av 1904. He writes “I am acquainted with the young man … who came from afar from Kavkez… and travelled far to learn Torah…and anyone who treats him kindly will be blessed with all goodness.” He signs with his handwriting and his stamp: Nissan Brody Av Beit Din of Hardak. Dimensions: 20*25 cm. The letters appear on both sides of one leaf, folding marks, tears and pastings with a small lack in the stamp of Rabbi Abba Leib Shapiro and Rabbi Nissan Brody. Professionally restored. Rabbi Chaim Halevi Soloveitchik known as Rabbi Chaim Brisker (1853-1918). One of the foremost rabbinical figures in the 20th century and the founder of the Brisk approach to Talmudic study. He left an indelible imprint on ultra Orthodox Judaism, both through his approach to study and due to his stringent practices that are still followed by many communities to this day. His books were enthusiastically received by Torah students and are a vital component of every yeshiva study hall. Rabbi Abba Arieh Leib of Jasna, son of Rabbi Shmuel Moshe Shapiro of Babruysk. In 1886 he was appointed as rabbi of Jasna at the recommendation of Rabbi Yitzchak Elchonon of Kovno and in 1888 was appointed as rabbi of Szereszow. Rabbi Nissan Brody (1857-1904). A darshan, one of the early members of Chovavei Zion. Rabbi of various villages, and in 1891 he was appointed as rabbi of Horodok.
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