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LOT: 437

Manuscript of the Gaon Rav Shalom of Sas, Av Beit Din of Jerusalem. Casablanca 1953, 16 pages.

Halakhic answer (long) on the subject of kiddushei Isha. With a psak din, detailed and very well-reasoned. With signature after the answer, and an additional signature after the psak din. He lived 1909-2003, Chief Rabbi of Casablanca, compiler of the books “Shemesh u’Magen,” in 3 sections, “Tvu’ot Shemesh” in four sections, and more. In 1878 at the urging of Maran Rabbeinu Ovadia Yosef he moved to Israel and served as Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem until his death in 2003. He is considered an important posek, one of the most important to come out of Morocco in the 20th century. 16 written pages. Organized, 24 lines per page. Size 22cm. Excellent condition.
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