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LOT: 148

A Manuscript and Homilies and References in Ladino, by Rabbi Avraham Korkaidi, 18/19th Century

A manuscript, in ink on high-quality paper, in semi-scribal handwriting in Ladino. The first part of homilies on the Torah, and the second part are references to all parts of Maimonides's 'YadChazaka'. In the handwriting of Rabbi Avraham Korkidi, one of the sages and rabbis of the city of Izmir. The manuscript was written in the 18th and 19th centuries, some of the handwritten homilies are dated: "A homily I wrote…23rd Tammuz 1773" "Upon the marriage of my brother-in-law the great sage Yosef HaCohen1733 to the portion of Ki Tetzei", "a homily I wrote in Constantinople on 27th of the month of Nissan 1733", "A homily I wrote… within the year for the sister-in-law the wife of Yosef YeshoshuaGukra… on 15th Iyar 1871" "A homily I composed… Rabbi David Azan 1842". The author even mentions his father-in-law and his son in the manuscript (see more about them below). "My son the clever and important young man Chaim Moshe Korkaidi…a homily composed by my father-in-law Rabbi Chaim MosheHaCohen". | Rabbi Avraham Korkodi, one of the sages of Izmir, a disciple of Rabbi Chaim Palagiwho even mentions him in his book 'NishmatKol Chai' (part II omission from page 100). His son Rabbi Chaim MosheKorkodi, known as 'Moreinu' was also one of the sages of Izmir and author of the book 'Moshe Eved' with the approbations of Rabbi Avraham Palagi, who wrote about him: "Rabbi Chaim Moshe is a great author… and it was all consumed by fire, and this is the last remnant and is a miniscule amount". Rabbi Avraham Korkodi's father-in-law – who is also mentioned in the manuscript – Rabbi Chaim Moshe HaCohen was also among the sages of Izmir. | Original binding, front is detached, back is missing. Leather spines. First leaves are detached. Worming holes. Water signs. | Enclosed is signed confirmation ofthe manuscript expert Rabbi Shimon Schwartz about identification of the manuscript. | [173] leaves. Overall condition: Fair – Good 29x23 cm.
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