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LOT: 019

Handsome silver binding. Alt-Wien (Upper Vienna) 1864. Rare, unique item

Silver binding, decorated with delicate and professional cutting work (as if cutting paper). Throughout the length of the binding are delicate floral motifs, leaves and plants. In the anterior portion is a pair of lions, whose hands are swallowed up inside the leaves. In the center is a water pitcher symbolizing the washing of the Kohen’s hands by the Levites before the Kohanic blessing. Has a dedication in German in Hebrew letters (it was given to Leora Neischtadtel in 1984). On the back of the binding is an engraved inscription “Tzaddik KaTamar Yifrach.” The spine is also decorated with engraving work of plants and flowers. Silver clasps in the shape of leaves. The binding is stamped 3 times. In the front portion, the spine, and the back. Signature of Alt-Wien 1864 and a signature, almost certainly by the jeweler Johann Rada (JR), who joined the Jewelers’ Association of Vienna in 1850. The book is Tikkun Leil Shavuot and Hoshana Rabah. No name of the printer nor year of printing (184 pages), moth damage with pages disconnected, ok condition. The first cover is from Genesis of Slavita, 1855, Waks printing, but doesn’t seem to be related to the book itself. Size: 14x4x22cm. Weight including the book: 1970g. The binding is in excellent condition.
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