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LOT: 389

Wedding Bracha card, by the Gaon Rabbi Moshe Gintz, Av Beit Din of Krastir, during the period of Rabbi Yeshay’le of Krastir, and author of the book Khut HaMeshulash.

Printed on cardboard, with mazal tov for the wedding. The Gaon Rabbi Moshe Gintz passed away in 1925, two months before his friend Rabbi Yeshay’le. Was a holy genius, and was especially known as an expert on divorce issues throughout Hungary—every difficult question related to divorce in Hungary and the surrounding countries would come to him. Famous for his Shabbat Shuva drash, which lasted 6 hours, and for the fact that he would cover his face during his drashot: the public would go home and eat a Shabbat meal, rest a little, and then return to the synagogue for the end of the drash, and he wouldn’t know who had come and gone. Only Rabbi Yeshay’le would stay for the whole drash. 7x10cm, generally very good condition.
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