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LOT: 127

Kli for salt water for the Seder. USA, beginning of the 20th century.

Porcelain dish for the Seder night’s salt water, in the shape of an egg. 1910 approximately. Various colors, signed at the bottom with the stamp of the artist and the product number. Sits on three legs, with colorful drawings and writing in Yiddish, Hebrew, and English. There is a drawing of an egg on a blue plate and a crown, with the writing in Yiddish: Salz Wasser (salt water). There is an open haggadah with the inscription in Hebrew “Ma Nishtanah,” and in English is written, “Seder Salt Water.” Decorated with karpas in a number of places. Includes a matching spoon. Height: 16cm. Length of the spoon: 19cm. Good condition.
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