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LOT: 102

Lot of 7 silver items and silver-plated items. 20th century.

1. Jewelry box plated in silver, decorated with engraving work of plants and flowers. 9x11x8cm. Light defects. Stamped WNF. Generally good condition. 2. A three-branched candlestick, silver. Height: 15cm, width: 25cm. Light knocks, generally good condition. 3. Pair of silver candlesticks, height: 16cm. Weight: 366g. Generally good condition. 4. Miniature silver cup, stamped 925. Inscribed with the engraving: Zecharya David. Height: 6.5cm. Weight: 39g. Good condition. 5. Vase for a flower, silver, height: 19cm. Weight: 89g.Good condition. 6. Silver plate including decoration made of engraving work, Star of David and plants. In the center is an inscription engraved “Presented by Tifereth Israel 1959”, diameter: 29cm. Weight: 374g. Good condition. 7. Holder for besamim, silver in the shape of a string instrument. Length: 10.5cm. Weight: 14g. Good condition.
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