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LOT: 103

Yarden wine – Sauvignon Blanc, 1988 vintage.

Rare wine, a limited edition of 12,900 bottles, kosher. The Israeli wine website “Drinking” describes the wine before us thusly: “Vintage 88 – the eldest in the group, nutty, honey, I identify Botrytis (noble rot), caramel, raisins, and dried apricots. Something in the smell and taste is reminiscent of aged rum. The acidity long since faded, and there is a great deal of sweetness and a little charm in the wine, and it has clear signs of aging. Revealing the label dropped people’s jaws – including mine. Once, when they had just begun to plant the seeds of the wine industry as we know it today, the wineries of the Golan decided that if there vineyards had become infested with Botrytis, they would make wine from it – and the rest is history. Yarden Sauvignon Blanc 1988, it is a huge honor to taste a landmark in the history of Israeli wine.” | Given in a matching wooden box.
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