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Signatures, Glosses, and Dedications

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LOT: 127

Tur Orech Hayyim—Wilhermersdorf, 1727, from the Chochmei Lublin yeshiva library, with glosses from the period of the book’s printing

With commentaries of the Beit Yosef, Darchei Moshe, Bedek HaBayit, Drisha u’Prisha, and more. Partially missing cover: [2], 136 pages (cover is missing). Throughout the book are handwritten notes in Italian handwriting, from the period of the book’s printing. Identify of the notes’ author is unknown and was not examined. Listings in Ashkenazi script on the blank front page. Ashkenazi notes of ownership, stamps of the Yeshivat Chochmei Lublin library. Moth damage, many defects. Generally ok condition.
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LOT: 128

Sefer Shtei HaLehem, by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz—first edition, Wannsbeck 1733, copy of Rabbi Baruch Liechtenstein, son of Rabbi Hillel of Kolomiya

Shot by Rabbi Moshe Chagiz. [1], 59 pages. Moth damage and stains. Number of corrections and notes in pencil at the margins of the pages. Generally ok to good condition. Cover has signature of “Baruch Bendit Liechtenstein,” and additional unchecked signatures. Rabbi Baruch Bendit Liechtenstein of Kolomiya was the son of Gaon Rabbi Hillel of Kolomiya, the Maskil el Dal [26th generation of rabbis in Poland, a Chassid of Sanz, a well-known travelling darshan considered a zealot, student of the Chatam Sofer], served as rabbi in place of his father in Kolomiya. See: Otzar HaRabbanim 4193
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LOT: 129

Pri HaAdama, section 2—first edition, Salonika 1752, copy of the kabbalist Rabbi Nissim Eini

By Rabbi Refael “Ba’al HaNes” Meyuchas. Missing a number of pages. 1-172 [7] pages. Defects, tape, and damage from wear. Some have damage to text. Old, worn binding, with inscribed leather spine. Generally ok to good condition. This is the copy of the kabbalist Rabbi Nissim Eini. On the first page is his handwritten signature. Rabbi Nissim Eini (died 1900) was a sage and rabbi in Bablyon and a kabbalist in Jerusalem. A great student of Rabbi Abdallah Somech, he moved to Israel in 1857, settled in Jerusalem, studied at the “Knesset Yehezkel v’Chesed El” yeshiva until he became one of the great kabbalists and rabbis in the city. He edited and published important kabbalistic books like Divrei Shalom and the siddur “Chukat Olam.” Considered well-versed in editing yearly calendars. A friend from birth of the Gaon Rabbi Eliyahu Mani. See more about him in Arzei HaLevanon 1741.
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LOT: 130

Shulchan Aruch Even HaEzer—Vienna 1809, with many long and important signatures and glosses

At the end (with a separate cover) is Turei Zahav on Even HaEzer and the Pri Chadash on halachot Gittin. [2], 192, 46, 10 pages. Stains, light wear, generally good condition. Original leather binding is defective and worn, partially detached, missing the spine. Throughout the book are more than ten long and interesting notes showing the writer’s geonut. The blank front page and last pages have many notes of ownership, nto checked thoroughly. It seems that the book originates in Hungary according to the signatures and notes. Not checked.
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LOT: 131

Lot of letters, dedication, and a book by kabbalists Rabbi Shalom and his son Rabbi Ovadiya Hadaya

1. Typewritten letter on letterhead of the Beit El kabbalistic yeshiva in Jerusalem, with stamps and handwritten signature of Rabbi Ovadiya Hadaya. 2. Letter written entirely by hand and signed by Rabbi Shalom Hadaya (son of Rabbi Ovadiya), on letterhead of the Beit El kabbalistic yeshiva in Jerusalem, addressed to the Chief Rabbi of Haifa, Rabbi Sh’ar Yeshuv HaKohen 3. Shot v’Davar Shalom, first edition 1924 (Jerusalem). Behind the cover is the signature of the author on the dedication page. [4] 110 pages. Original binding defective. Generally good condition. 4. Segel Machaneh Ephraim, Q&A by Rabbi Ezra Laniado, published by Rabbi Shalom Hadaya. First edition 1902. [7], 50, [1] page. Signature not checked on the cover. Copy with an additional page not listed in bibliographic sources.
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LOT: 132

Chafetz Haim first edition with corrections by hand by the author, Rabbeinu Meir HaKohen—Vilna 1873. Copy of Maran HaMashgiach Rabbi Hirsch Pali

The Chafetz Chaim, after which the great rabbi Israel Rabbi Meir HaCohen of Radin is called. In this edition which is the first of the founding book that has revolutionized the last generations, our rabbi did not sign his name and he only lists the acronym in Cyrillic letters on the margins of the cover I. M. Kagan so also in his humbleness omitted his name also from the endorsements - first edition Dvorzetz and Vilna print | 1873. In the copy before us are two handwritten corrections by the rabbinic author, who is known to have sold his books himself and made sure not to sell a book that is incomplete, has corrected in his handwriting a few missing words that were actually completed in the subsequent edition [see the lot of books by the Chafetz Haim elsewhere in this sale] And on page 23, column 2, the author wrote: "There is a mistake here and a look at the omissions in Part III." 5, [1], 8-81 pages. No prenumeranter pages (added in only a few copies). Light restoration in the upper corner of the title page, moth holes in lone pages. Rebound with gold inscriptions. Good condition. Few stains. Signature of Rabbi Hirsch [Zvi Zeev] Pali. And other signatures:" Israel Asher Shlomo Shapiro "and" Belongs to Abraham Yitzhak Halevi Bara? Halevy.
Item sold at $1700 Starting at $1000
LOT: 133

A Volume of the Babylonian Talmud with Glosses and Novaelle. Vienna, 1812

Babylonian Talmud on the tractates: Sanhedrin, Shavuot, Makkot, and Masechtot Ketanot. Printed in the printing press of Anton Fun Schmidt, Vienna. With handwritten novaelle by Rabbi Moshe Schiff [died on 22 Tishrei 5716 [1956]] Av Beit Din of Regensdorf. On the title page of the book is an inscription “This gemara belongs to the great gaon… Moshe Schiff, Av Beit Din… I, his student Meir Schik fun Semitz”. 42 cm. Original cardboard binding, partially detached. Magnificent title page with red ink. Slight aging stains. Moth holes. Complete, some of the leaves are detached. Overall condition: Fair-good.
Item sold at $300 Starting at $150
LOT: 134

Shot Oneg Yom Tov by the Gaon Rabbi Refael Yom Tov Lipman Halperin—first edition, Vilna 1880. With many handwritten notes

Shot on four sections of the Shulchan Aruch, by the Gaon Rabbi Refael Yom Tov Lipman Halperin, the Av Beit Din of Bialystock. Among the most famous and foundational books of Q&A. 560 [20] pages, 33cm. Originally there were 2 covers (here there is only one), without the front binding. Generally good condition. The book before us is full of dozens of handwritten notes (perhaps the Rav Labo, see below), spread among the sections of the page. Page 8 has a listing of ownership “I received this as a gift from the son-in-law of the Gaon Rabbi Mordechai ben HaRav Eli Berkowitz, when I was in Vitebsk, Bereishit 1921. Eliezer Zvi ben Binyamin Meir, born in Wilkamir. On page 9 is a stamp in Hebrew of Rabbi Zvi Labo (and in Lithuanian: Rabinas G. Labo). Rabbi Eliezer Moshe Zvi Labo of Patzinel (1863-1935) was the son of Rabbi Binyamin Meir, a gaon and tzaddik famous in his time, student at the Slobodka yeshiva and the Kovna Kollel. Appointed to teach by Rabbi Yitzhak Elchanan of Kovna, Rabbi Yehiel Michal Wolfson (the “Sfat HaYam”). Authored “Ratzon Yisrael” (remains in manuscript form—see Otzar HaRabbanim 15292, 2713; Lithuania; Ohalei]. The author is Rabbi Refael Yom Tom Lipman Halperin (1816-1879), born in Rozhino to Rabbi Yisrael Halperin of the city, who was a disciple and relative of Rabbi Yom Tov Lipman Halperin, a friend of Rabbi Chaim of Volozhin and author of "Sacred Yom Tov". When he was about 3 years old, the family moved to Minsk with his father's appointment to much of the city. In Minsk he learned from the sages of the city, and especially from the head of the local yeshiva, Rabbi Menachem Mendel of Polotsk. At the age of 20, he was appointed first rabbinate in the town of Krawa near Vilnius. From this town he moved to serve as rabbi of Tchaikovacia in Poland, after which he was appointed rabbinate of Kedan, followed by the Merserich rabbinate in Poland. He was ousted from the Mezrich rabbinate after he proclaimed a boycott of the city's followers, which included a ban on drinking wine and marrying them. In 1859 he was appointed rabbi of Bialystok, a position in which he held for twenty years until his passing. His position on a variety of topics was at issue, and his well-known objection to Rabbi Gershon Hanoch's book "Seder Taharad" was published, and to the book "Grammar Writers" by Rabbi Rafael Natan Neta Rabinowitz.
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LOT: 135

Last holy work printed in Vilna after the Shoah began: Hever Ma’amarim by Rabbeinu Yerucham HaLevi Leibowitz of Mir—first edition, Vilna, early 1940, copy of the Mashgiach Rabbi Hirsch Plai

From conversations of Rabbeinu Maran Yerucham HaLevi Leibowitz of Mir at the Mir yeshiva from 1934-1935, written by his students. VII, [1], 450, [2] pages. First pages detached, with tears in the corns, no damage to text. Light stains, generally good condition. The blank front page has the handwritten signature of the mashgiach of the Hevron Yeshiva, Rabbi Zvi Hirsch Plai. In the book Orot MeOfel (Yaakov Landau, New York 1957), he brings a bibliographic list of books printed in Europe during the Shoah, and in those lists it appears that the last book printed in Vilna was printed in 1938, but according to the cover of this book, it was printed at the end of 1939 and is probably the last Holy Book printed in Vilna when the Holocaust broke out. Probably because of the tension already evident at that time, the entire book was reproduced in duplicate except for the title page and the introduction arranged in print. Rabbi Yeruham served as mashgiach of Yeshivot in Lithuania where there was a Mir Yeshiva for many years, where the conversations recorded in this important book were carried by Yeshiva students.
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LOT: 136

Rare! Volume with typewritten pages of conversations with the Saba of Slobodka—with signature and notes handwritten by the Mashgiach of the Hevron yeshiva, Rabbi Hirsch Plai

The volume includes a set 189 typewritten pages [this may be the source of stencils made after these conversations, see below], with the conversations of the Saba MiSlavodka Rabbi Natan Zvi Finkel, and his son-in-law and head of the Slavodka yeshiva, Rabbi Yitzhak Isaac Shar, written by students at the time, among others, are mentioned: " Written by Rabbi Meir Chadash, "Distributor" - later overseer of the Hebron Yeshiva and in his last years overseer of "Ateret Israel" founded by his son-in-law Rabbi Baruch Mordechai Ezrachi and Or Elhanan"Founded by Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Chadash. Rabbi Yosef Dinkles - author of "Emunat Yosef" and more, Rabbi Naftali Shakovitzky - Rabbi of Gateshead in England, Rabbi Avraham Eliyahu Kaplan - Rabbi of the Beit Midrash for Rabbis in Berlin, Rabbi Chaim Ze'ev Finkel - son of the Saba, Head of the Talmudic Hall and Rabbi Avraham Hirsch Plai - mashgiach of the Hebron Yeshiva and more, with the signature of the overseer of Rabbi Hirsch Pali, and in the first articles his handwritten glosses and additions, On the importance of stencil pages with the Saba’s conversations, which are apparently included in this typewritten set, Rabbi Yekutiel Kohen Shlit'a in the introduction to his book "The Grandfather from Slabodka’s Talks" - Jerusalem 2007: "The main basis for these was from the records of the conversations that had been copied, hundreds of pages duplicated, as was customary in the past. I wished for more copies, but it turned out that they were only kept by a few, and preserved in groups ... These duplicate pages, the last remains. It was difficult for them to be preserved, because they were not wrapped but lay in their cover in pages. In each of the groups I received, there was already most of the material in my father's hand, but more conversations were added, and there is what is not there ... ". Flaws and minor stains, good general condition.
Starting at $120
LOT: 137

A Collection. With Stamps of Great Rabbis and Their Glosses

1. Sefer Lev Aryeh, novaelle on tractate Chulin. By Rabbi Aryeh son of Rabbi Yehuda of Brody. Lvov,1621. The copy of Rabbi Shabtai Berlin Av Beit Din of Koznitz, author of the book Me’at Devash - two parts. Several ownership stamps and glosses. Original leather bindings with embossing. 2. A volume of the Babylonian Talmud, tractates: Rosh Hashana, Yoma and Succah. Warsaw, 1887. A separate title page for tractate Succah in black and red. Long and impressive glosses on tractates Rosh Hashana and Succah. The glosses’ content has not been examined. Pages 2-9 of tractate Rosh Hashana are missing. 3. Shu”t Sridei Esh on Even HaEzer and Choshen Mishpat. By Rabbi Yechiel Yaakov Weinburg. Jerusalem, 1966. The copy of Rabbi Yisrael Weltz Av Beit Din of Budapest, immigrated to Israel in 1946 and known as one of the greatest Rabbis, was one of the heads of ‘Otzar HaPoskim’. Author of the book Chok L’Yisrael and other books. He was buried right next to Rabbi Aharon Belz. With a long gloss in his handwriting and his stamp.
Item sold at $120 Starting at $120
LOT: 138

Shulchan Aruch Choshen Mishpat, copy of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich of Samloya, with notes

2 sections, small format (21cm), printed by the Ram widow and brothers, Vilna 1883. Second cover of the first section has the stamp of ownership of Rabbi Shlomo Zalman Ehrenreich, when he served as rabbi of Cheva and the Galil. Stamps of his son Rabbi Haim Ehrenreich, “Avraham Yehuda Fagel” and Rabbi Hirsch Plai, mashgiach of the Hevron yeshiva. 2 volumes. Stains and tears, generally good condition. Number of places have notes handwritten by Rabbi Shlomo Zalman.
Item sold at $550 Starting at $120
LOT: 139

Shot Yabiya Omer with dedication of the author, Maran Ovadiya Yosef, and Rabbi Eliezer Berland

6 handwritten lines by Maran. Additional dedication of Rabbi Eliezer Berland (7 lines).Tape on the page before the cover and the cover pages. Generally very good condition
Item sold at $140 Starting at $140
LOT: 140

Hadar Zekainim (by the Tosafot on the Torah), first edition Livorno 1840, glosses signed by Rabbi Haim David Klifi

Exegesis by the Tosafot on the Torah, printed by Moshe Yeshua ben Yaakov Tuvyana, printer and bookseller. Signed notes by the Gaon Rabbi Haim David Klifi of Tripoli. Cover page has his blurred signature, and the work has four handwritten glosses by him signed. He was a great posek of Tripoli in the 19th century, known as the Orech LeChayyim. See Arzei HaLevanon 613. There are also older notes in a Mizrachi handwriting, not identified. 79 pages. Stains, good condition, new binding.
Item sold at $130 Starting at $100
LOT: 141

Shvilei HaHayyim—Jerusalem 1953, copy with dedication of the author to his brother-in-law, Rabbi Asher Freund of Jerusalem

On the parshiyot of the Torah and a pamphlet “Emek Eliyahu” on a few sugiyot of Shas, chiddushim on shmita, with endorsements by the Admor Rabbi Yoel of Satmar on Shmita. By Rabbi Haim Eliyahu Sternberg. [8] pages, 74, 24 pg. Separate cover for Emek Eliyahu. No binding. Generally good condition. Stains. Cover has dedication handwritten by the author to his brother-in-law. Rabbi Asher Freund (often simply called Reb Usher out of modesty) (1910-2004) was the son of Rabbi Aryeh Mordechai, son of Rabbi Sender Freund, Rabbi of Achta and a grandson of Admorei Porisov, descendants of the "Holy Jew" of Peshischa. Son-in-law of Rabbi Avraham Sternberg of Tzfat (descendent of Rabbi Aharon HaGadol of Karlin). The founder of the community and the "Yad Ezra" institutions, he became known for his great kindness and a great deal of righteousness in an extraordinary and extraordinary way. Developed after becoming known as a miracle worker and a gaon. Established the Yeshiva of Beit Avraham Slonim together with the Rebbe Netivot Shalom and served as overseer, chief and director for many years. One of the most important rabbis of the Satmar Hasidim, who had a great appreciation for the Rebbe Yoel, who chaired the Satmar Yeshiva in Haifa and appointed him to establish a Torah Talmudic network in Israel. He served as rabbi in the Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem on behalf of the ultra-Orthodox community, and rabbi of the Satmar Synagogue in the neighborhood. Author of Beit Eliyahu and many other books.
Starting at $100
LOT: 142

Perek HaSocher et HaPoalim—copy of Admor of Machanovka Shlita from his youth

Booklet of gemara for students, from Masechet Bava Metziya from the Talmud Bavli—published by the Levin-Epstein brothers, Jerusalem 1956. Paper binding, slight tears and stains. Cover has handwritten signature of the admor of Machanovka, from when he was a child. Admor Rabbi Yehoshua Rokach (born 1949) was the son of Rabbi Yitzhak David Rokach, son-in-law of Rabbi Shalom Michlovitz of Brad Radwil. From 1988 he was Admor of Machanovka-Belz, after the prior Admor Rabbi Avraham Yehoshua Yeschel Twersky had no sons and appointed him to succeed him. He is the great-grandson of Rebbe Yissachar Dov of Belz
Item sold at $375 Starting at $120