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Sword with the 72 holy names to expel mazikim, demons and evil spirits according to Rabbi Yehuda Fatiya – hallmarked silver, Israel, 20th century

Sword of the 72 holy names, handmade from pure silver and hallmarked 925, in a magnificent cloth pouch. This sword is a special segulah and can bring about all the salvations. The sword is made of silver with an engraving on both sides of the 72 holy names that appear in the Kabbalah, according to Rabbi Yehuda Fatiya. The holy names on the sword were proofread by the Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzchak Kaduri, and the holy names were written and proofread again by kabbalists in sanctity and purity. In the book Orchot Zion by Rabbi Ben Zion Mutzafi the following is stated: “And I once heard from my father (Rabbi Solomon Mutzafi) that the secret of the knife that protects from mazikim is because the mazikim are made of spirit and covered in a very thin cover, and therefore carrying the a knife…they are threatened and run away…and therefore even if you should say that is forbidden to carry iron while praying for the aforementioned reason, the knife has its own segulah.” The sword can bring about all kinds of salvations – healing, protection, sustenance, finding a spouse, for barren women to have children, and especially for protection and defense from mazikim, demons and evil spirits. Dimensions of the sword: 23 length and 7 cm width (at the widest point). For more information about this sword you can watch a video on Youtube by Rabbi Shmuel Shmueli:
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