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Chen v’Kavod—first edition, Jerusalem 1884, with dedication of the author to the Chacham Bashi, Rabbi Refael Meir Panizel

Drashot on the Torah and Aggadah, by Rabbi Rachamim Yaakov Shaltiel Niniv. First edition, published during the author’s lifetime—Jerusalem 1884. Important endorsements, including by his in-laws, Rabbi Refael Meir Panizil (the Chacham Bashi) and the Ra’avad Rabbi Yaakov Shaul Alisher (see below). [3], 221 pages. Stains in a number of places, a few moth holes, lone tears which do not obscure the text, a few old pages, old binding, leather spine. Generally good condition. The blank first page has a long and important dedication in nice Sefardi handwriting, by the author to the endorser Rabbi Refael Meir Panizel (see below). The first page has a sefardi signature. Rabbi Refael Meir Panizel, known as the Merapeh (1804-1893) was the son of Rabbi Yehuda. He was a Shadar, and the Rishon LeZiyyon from 1880 to 1893. He was born in Pazarzhik, Bulgaria, and in 1807 he moved to Israel with his family. At age 27 he began work as a Shadar, because of which he travelled frequently to Tunisia, Morocco, and other places. One time he travelled to Italy and created peace between two rival communities, because of which he was called to meet with the Pope and tour the Vatican—where he was able to view with his own eyes remnants of the Temple keilim. In 1880 he was appointed the Rishon LeZiyyon and successor of the Chacham Bashi, after his father-in-law gave up the job because of his age. Later he even was made the Chacham Bashi himself, and this copy already reflects that position.
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