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LOT: 022

Five Books of Torah—Derech Slula, Furth, 1801-1803. Handsome set.

With Rashi’s commentary, Targum Onkelus and Ashkenazi translation, exegesis and corrections by the sofrim, Haftarot, the megillot, Shabbat prayers. Two title pages at the start of every volume, the first is illustrated with the figures of Moshe and Aaron, cherubs and eagles. Special title pages for the order of Haftarot and the prayers. Detailed list of subscribers from the Furth community and others in Germany. Complete set, 5 volumes. Genesis: (16) 1-177, (1) 179-236 page. Exodus: [4] (missing the page at the end of the introduction, and the order of prayers was bound at the start of the book), 1-155, [1], 157-200, 26 page. Leviticus: (4) 1-142, (1) 144-158, 28 page. Numbers: (4) 1-118, (1) 120-140, 18, page. Deuteronomy: (4) 1-105, (1), 107-176, 20, page. Wonderful and pretty set, good condition, new, handsome binding with golden embossing, some of the pages are green, in Genesis the first pages have stains and wear in the margins, in Exodus there is moth damage on a number of pages. In some of the volumes is the stamp of ownership of the Hevra Kadisha of Parish. In Leviticus there is an old stamp of ownership on the title page with Ashkenazi handwriting, “I bought it from Honi in honor of Tzuri and Koni, Moshe bar Meshalem…”
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