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LOT: 161

ChiddusheiHalachot [Maharam Shif]—Hamburg 1807. Copy attributed to an important personage, with notes—unknown edition.

On masechetBeitza, Baba Metziya, Ketubot, Hulin, Gitin, and the second section on Baba Kama, Shabbat, Sanhedrin, Zevachim. By Rabbi Meir (the Maharam) Shif. Hamburg 1807 [according to the details noted on the title page]. Edition unknown in bibliographic literature, we have not found one like it in the archives nor in the National Library. Content seems to be a facsimile of the 1747 edition, but with a completely different title page—a nice cover with illustrated engravings of Moses and Aaron, Jacob’s dream, and King David. No endorsements on the back of the title page. 1, 37 [supposed to be 72], 13 pages. Some pages are bound backwards and some are not bound in the right place. Some pages are cut, some in the upper portion, various tears in the corners of some pages, with light damage to text. Old binding, partially detached with a torn cloth spine. Cover page has signature of “Shalom Kahane ben Rabbi Avraham Haim [HaShach?]. In the book are corrections in an ancient handwriting, some in faded ink. Rabbi Shalom Shachneh [Kahane] HaKohen Katz of Krakow (died 1839) was the son of Rabbi Avraham Haim, a dayan in Krakow. Author of Mishpat Shalom and Shalmei Nazir [see: Wander-Galicia Part 3; OtzarRabbanim 18269].
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