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LOT: 007

Genesis and Exodus—Amsterdam 1682.

From the Five Books of Torah, with Targum Onkelos, Targum Yonatan and Yerushalmi, and Rashi’s commentary. Printed by Kristopel fun Gangil in Amsterdam, 1682. On page 165(2): “I Yaakov bar Moshe Refael di Cordova from Brazil.” No cover. 2-166 pages. First pages are torn with damage to text. Moth damage, tears and stains. Most in good condition. Original leather binding (old) with decorations, defective. Signatures and notes of ownership, including: Aharon David ben Yitzhak Maizel of Swisslatz. Regarding the year of printing of this book: the cover of the haftaroth states 1682, but the cover of the Torah (missing in this copy) writes from 1703. Schtinschneider (see #610) sees the latter as a mistake and analyses it as 1683.
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