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Chumash, “Heychal HaBracha” in 5 sections—complete set, copy of the first printing, Lemberg 1866. Numbered edition, New York 1973—a Segula book

Five books of Torah with Targum Onkelus and Rashi’s commentary, ba’al HaTurim, Toldot Aharon, in addition it has big and small mesorah with commentary of Menorat Shlomo, by HaRav Uri Shraga Feivush, ben Shlomo Zalman, the book “Maskil L’David,” with Rashi’s commentary by Rabbi David Pardo, with the book “Otzar HaHayyim” with the 613 mitzvot. Book “Heychal HaBracha,” exegesis on the secrets of the Ari and the Ba’al Shem Tov by the Moharar Yitzhak Yehuda Yehiel Safrin, the Admor of Komarno. Genesis – Deuteronomy. 5 sections, photocopy of the first edition, with colorful title pages, the edition was published in New York in 1973. Numbered edition: copy before us is no. 204. This book is considered a segula. Excellent condition.
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