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LOT: 002

Bamidbar with the commentary Or HaHayyim, Slavita 1811

With translations (Onkelos, Yerushalmi, Yonatan ben Uziel) and commentaries of Rashi and the Or HaHayyim. By “the printers Dov Beer Yisrael Segel HaKatan Dov Beer Ben Pesach.” They began printing this set of chumashim in 1809, but Bamidbar was only reached in 1811. Page before the cover has the signature of ownership of “Haim bo Zion…[?]”. 200 pages. Cover repaired unprofessionally, one can only see the bottom half of the page, and on its opposite side the beginning of the chumash is blocked. Original binding is worn, leather spine, generally bad to ok condition.
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