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LOT: 341

Chumash Or HaHayyim, copy of the Admor Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn.

Genesis, with the Or HaHayyim commentary. Printed by Segal, Lemberg 1862. Handsome copy from a prince of the Ruzhin dynasty, the Rahak Rabbi Yisrael of Husiatyn. Cover page has his stamp of ownership: “Book collection of Yisrael Friedman of Husiatyn.” The opening binding page has inscriptions done by hand by his son-in-law and successor, and quotes from the book Be’er Mayyim Haim on spiritual issues. And references—names to pray for written in the body of the book. The Admor Rabbi Yisrael Friedman of Husiatyn (1857-1948) was the son of Rabbi Mordechai Shraga Feivush of Husiatyn (2nd son of the Rahak of Ruzhin). Known as an elder of the Admorim, a miracle worker, and a holy person. He was among the few to expect the Shoah himself in all its terror, and told his followers strictly “anyone who can sell—sell, and whoever cannot—leave everything and run away, with only a jacket on your back” and “whoever has sense will run away, even only with house shoes on.” His special connection to the Or HaHayyim is testified to in this story: in 1942 the Germans were nearing the Land of Israel and a great fear gripped the Yishuv. The Rabbi went to pray in Jerusalem at the grave of the Or HaHayyim in light of the bad situation, and after saying psalms told the public that he saw Hashem lighting the grave and that it was a sign that “the enemy will not control our Land.” He would act modestly, but he preserved many regal things in his home (from his grandfather, the Rahak of Rozhin), and there were thousands of holy items in his home that he had inherited. | 186, 104, 59 pages. 28cm. Generally good condition.
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