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LOT: 113

ChiddusheiHaRashba, special copy with glosses handwritten by the Gaon Rabbi Haim Berlin and Rabbi Shlomo of Dovna.

On Gittin, Holin, and Bava Batra. Separate covers for each. Printed by Netanel Puah, Amsterdam 1715. Copy belonged to great sages of Israel, both of whom handwrote notes in the margins. Last page has the stamp of ownership of Rabbi Haim Berlin. Covers of Holin and Bava Batra have handwritten ownership notes by Rabbi Shlomo of Dovna. Glosses in Bava Batra, pages: 3(2), 4(1) by the latter. End of the volume, pamphlet Dina d’Gramei, pages: 52(1), 52(2), 53(1), 53(2), 54(1), 54(2) have glosses by Rabbi Haim Berlin, who served as Chief Rabbi of Moscow and for a short time as head of the Volozhin yeshiva. In 1906 he moved to Jersualem and after Rav Shmuel of Salant’s death was crowned the Rabbi of the Ashkenazi community of Jerusalem, despite refusing this title. Rabbi Shlomo of Dobna (1731-1813) was a student of Rabbi Shlomo of Chelm (the MarkevetHaMishnah), and received endorsements for his books by Rabbi Haim of Volozhin and his brother. Edited the “Biur” of Mendelsohn of Genesis, until he found out his true nature and quit. | Binding and first pages missing. Stains. Moth marks. | 62; 62; 54 pages. 25cm. Generally ok condition.
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