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LOT: 036

Rare museum-worthy item: a white(!) belt for Yom Kippur with a silver buckle—Galicia/Poland, 19th century.

Silk belt, pretty, with a silver buckle bearing the inscription: “On this day you will atone and purify yourselves from your sins before God who will purify you, one fate for Hashem” with an illustration of the goat for Hashem, decorations of plants around it, and an eagle on top. The Stiglitz collection (B86.0218- 101/045) of the Israel Museum has a similar buckle, probably made by the same artist. On the back is engraved a blurred inscription which is almost impossible to read: “In memory of my father Rabbi Menachem ben Rav Yona … for the year 1866.” Belt is 107x5cm, the buckle is 8x5.5cm. Light defects. Generally very good condition. Rare, unique item which is only found in museums. The fact that it is white makes it even rarer.
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