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LOT: 229

Dedication handwritten by the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo ibn Danan. Rare.

Page before the cover from the book Shot Asher L’Shlomo, with a printed dedication in blue ink, with the additional handwritten line signed in cursive and stamped by the author, the kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo ibn Danan, who was the Av Beit Din and Chief Rabbi of Fes, Morocco, and a gadol of Moroccan Jewry. At the beginning he studied under his uncle Rabbi Yitzhak ibn Danan, a dayan and teacher in Fes, the author of the “L’Yitzhak Re’ach,” and afterwards studied under the Gaon Rabbi Avner Yisrael the French, known as HaIsh. At age 16 he was already proficient in Shas and poskim, and he began to learn the kabbalah. When he was 30 years old he was chosen as a dayan and teacher. He was in the Beit Din of his uncle, Rabbi Yitzhak ibn Danan and Rabbi Yosef Siriro, who were much older than him, and then after them he was appointed the Chief Rabbi and head of the beit din. The French authorities greatly respected his justness, and read his halachic rulings. When Jews brought cases in the secular courts, the French authorities would consult with him, and on issues relating to the Jews of the French districts, and they would receive his advice. On Erev Yom Kippur of 1929, he began saying Kol Nidrei with a great deal of excitement, but he skipped the line “and from this Yom Kippur until the next, which will come upon us in peace”…and sure enough he died before the year was over. | 23x15cm. Glued to cardboard. Tears. Generally ok condition.
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