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LOT: 170

. Extremely rare: an original silver coin with which the elder Kabbalist Rabbi Yitzhak Khadouri carried out a pidyon nefesh several times. “Whoever holds it will merit all the blessings and yeshuot”

Pure silver coin that Rabbi Yitzhak Khadouri would use to carry out the tikkun pidyon nefesh. The coins were minted especially for Rabbi Khadouri following his instructions. This coin is one of 160 coins that he would use. Embossed in the coin are the words “pidyon nefesh”. Included is a certificate of authenticity from the rabbi’s son, Rabbi David Khadouri, who writes, “I hereby certify…that these are the original coins used by Rabbi Yitzhak Khadouri for pidyon nefesh innumerable times, and they are the only coins that he would use apart from a few coins that remain in the possession of his successors…and in his merit whoever holds them will have all the blessings and yeshuot.” The book Sefer Yeshuot Yitzhak (p. 304) states: “Rabbeinu would carry out pidyon nefesh for sick people based on the Rashash with 160 silver coins…he would do the tikkun at dawn (alot hashachar), which is a great time for it, and many sick people were remedied by this pidyon nefesh.” Diameter: 1.9cm. Weight: 4.3g. Very good condition. The redemption of souls by silver coins is a tikkun that the Arizal revealed to correct the shadow whichs surrounds the soul. Rabbi Chaim Vital, a student of the Arizal, wrote: “this pidyon is of benefit and a remedy for any problem, and has been tested more than 1000 times and is effective almost immediately.” The order: One takes 160 pure silver coins (the gematriya of kesef, silver), and one organizes them according to a specific order (known to the kabbalists), and then one sets them aside or exchanges them for charity. Rabbeinu Yitzhak Khadouri would help all who turned to him for salvation and was known to write amulets and also to do the soul redemption mentioned via these silver coins before us. Rav Khadouri was born at the end of the 19th century in Baghdad (Iraq), in his youth he knew and met the Ben Ish Hai, he received Torah and kabbalah from Baghdad’s sages and from Jerusalem’s sages after he moved there in 1922. During his first years in Jerusalem he made a livingbinding books and studied at the Beit El and Porat Yosef yeshivot in the Old City. Over the years, his wisdom became famous, his knowledge of mysticism—many went to his home to receive blessings and advice from him, and to receive amulets for their welfare. Died in 2006 after living more than 100 years, and thousands of Jews from all walks of life participated in his funeral.
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