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LOT: 022

Heichal HaKodesh—Amsterdam 1653. Mizrahi rabbinical signature. Rare.

Ancient book of kabbalah. To expound on the order of prayers for the whole year and their kavanot and what depends on them among other mitzvot. By Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon Elbaz. Printed by Emmanuel Benvenisti. Mizrahi rabbinical signature on the cover page. After the introduction are additional listings of ownership. | Moroccan Jewry was blessed with a number of kabbalists who enlightened the world with their Torah. In the south was a group of kabbalists led by the author of this book, Rabbi Moshe bar Maimon Elbaz, who lived during the time of the Ari (around 450 years ago), and who appointed many students, including Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan (author of HaPerach Shushan) and Rabbi Yosef HaKohen (author of Ginot Beitan). The book Heichal HaKodesh became famous because of Rabbi Yaakov Sasportash, and was printed with glosses of Rabbi Yehuda Asbauni, a sage of Sali, who included the teachings of the Ari because the Ari had begun to spread around the world, while the author of the Heichal HaKodesh was as yet unknown. | New binding, professional repair to the cover page. | 7, [1], 76 pages. 19cm. Generally good condition.
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