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LOT: 140

Hadar Zekainim (by the Tosafot on the Torah), first edition Livorno 1840, glosses signed by Rabbi Haim David Klifi

Exegesis by the Tosafot on the Torah, printed by Moshe Yeshua ben Yaakov Tuvyana, printer and bookseller. Signed notes by the Gaon Rabbi Haim David Klifi of Tripoli. Cover page has his blurred signature, and the work has four handwritten glosses by him signed. He was a great posek of Tripoli in the 19th century, known as the Orech LeChayyim. See Arzei HaLevanon 613. There are also older notes in a Mizrachi handwriting, not identified. 79 pages. Stains, good condition, new binding.
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