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LOT: 114

DarcheiTzedek—chassidut. First edition, Vlvi 1796, rare and important.

DarcheiTzedek " good and rational leadership for those who come to sanctify and purify themselves in the service of God," good conduct according to the path of Hasidism by Rabbi Zecharia Mendel Miroslav and at the end by Rabbi Michal of Zlatashov - first edition of Lvov 1796. 24 unnumbered pages. Important in the teachings of Hasidism, has since been printed many times and is mentioned in many places [see more about this book in Zeev Gris's study of Jerusalem Studies in Jewish Thought, Volume I, Booklet 2 (Tishrei-Kislev 5742), pp. 133-152]. A rare and special book of Hassidism that has not been seen for many years in public auctions. The copy before us is complete except for a tear on the title page with damage to the frame and text on the other side of the page, as well as the last two pages, pasting and moth holes with slight damage to the text. Minor tears to edges of pages and slight stains. No binding. Overall good condition. Stefansky Hasidism 148. Rabbi Zecharia Mendel of Miroslav (d. 1857) son of Rabbi Moshe Yehoshua Av Beit Din of Yaroslav. Author of "DarkeiTzedek". A disciple of his uncles Rabbi Shmuel Shmelka of Nikolsburg and Rabbi Pinchas Horowitz, author of "Ha-Hafala", one of the greatest disciples of Rabbi Elimelech of Lizhensk. He published the book of his teacher "Noam Elimelech" together with the son of the author Rabbi Elazar of Lizhenskzt "l, and at the end was appended “The Holy Epistle” that Rabbi Zechariah Mendel wrote to his uncle about his teacher and about the Hasidism to which he approached.
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