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Page of Practical Kabbalah with the spell “to remove a demon from a person,” personally used by the great Kabbalist sage of the last generation, Rav Mordechai Sharavi. A shocking kabbalistic find

It is famously known that the kabbalist Rav Mordechai Sharavi greatly opposed the use of amulets—if someone came to him, the Rav would ask the person whether he had any amulets in his position; if the person answered in the affirmative, the Rav would require the person to bring him all the amulets in his possession and place them in geniza. The page before us, according to the testimony of the Rav’s assistant (Rav Shmuel Shmueli), was written by one of the great Kabbalist sages of his generation and was used by the Rav to recite the spell to remove demons and dybbuks from those needing salvation. At the top of the page is the spell, recited in front of the person, after which is written “segula to remove a demon from a person” that is said into the person’s ear. “This is a great secret not taught to the people of Israel.” Also a segula for loving one’s fellow man. Includes names and kabbalistic illustrations. We have hidden half the page in the pictures on the website because of the written warming “this is a great secret not taught to the people of Israel.” Size: 16x10cm. The page underwent professional repairs. Generally very good condition. Given the terrible secrets inscribed in it, the page is extremely important and rare. ‘May there be no obstacle to it in our possession.’ The page is accompanied by a picture of the Rav, and on the back the approval of the Rav’s assistant “I hereby certify that this segulot page of practical kabbalah was used by the Rav Mordechai Sharavi.” Rav Sharavi (1908-1983) was a great Kabbalist sage of the last generation, founded the Nahar Shalom kabbalist yeshiva, named after Rabbi Shalom Sharavi. Became famous as a holy person, miracle worker. Many people would travel to his home, which was open for anybody requesting advice and blessings. The money that he received from the visiting public he dedicated to maintaining the yeshiva, mainly support for those in need—he himself made sure never to make use of the money for himself, and instead lived a simple, modest life. He taught many students, among them Rav Meir Yehuda Gatz (the former rabbi of the Kotel), Rav Zion Bracha, Rav Shalom Shmueli and his son, Rav Benayahu Shmueli, who later took his place as head of Nahar Shalom. Other kabbalistic sages would turn to him and get his advice regarding their doubts on matters of kabbalah, among them the head of the Beit El yeshiva, Rav Ovadiah Hadaya, and more. Thousands participated in his funeral, and he is buried on Har HaMenuchot.
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