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LOT: 240

Handwritten page of kabbalah from Rabbi Shlomo Atzraf—Morocco, 20th century. Rare.

Framed handwritten page. Rabbi Shlomo Atzraf (died Sukkot 1970) was rabbi of the town next to the city of Tagmadert (in the Sus area, southern Morocco). He was the student of Rabbi Elazar HaLevi, the Avodat HaLevi, in Marrakesh. He was famous as a talmid chacham, and as a chassid and holy. He was an expert at shechita (there is a manuscript of a book of his on halachot according to the Marrakesh custom). When he took a knife, he would check it again and again several times, until he was absolutely sure of its kashrut, and then he would stand aside and say Leshem Yechud word for word in tears and weeping from the holy feeling that was inside him. He would go every night at 2am to the spring to immerse himself, and even in the days of Tevet the cold, which had a layer of snow on the mikveh, the saint would not have refrained from his holy practice. In the year 1960 he immigrated to the Holy Land and settled in the city of Netivot, where he spent the rest of his life on the Torah and on the work and became an exemplary figure who illuminated the spiritual landscape of the city and his honor at the local cemetery in Netivot. The location is in a very dry place, and no grass grew in it, and lo and behold, shortly after the tzaddik was buried there, a talltree sprang up on his grave that to this day grows near his grave. 21 written pages. 22x17cm. Generally good condition.
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