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LOT: 087

“Chanukkah Gelt” from the Rebbe with a facsimile of the general letter received along with the money.

$1 bill given by the Rebbe as “Chanukkah Gelt” during Chanukkah 1972, with a facsimile of the letter written by the Rebbe (see Igrot Kodesh, Volume 28, p. 61-62). This letter ended with the following line: “as the Jewish tradition—which is based on the Torah—attached to this are ma’ot chanukkah”. The facsimile is in Hebrew with an English translation, along with the dollar given by the Rebbe at the time. Chanukkah gelt is the tradition of giving money to children on chanukkah to educate them on the giving of charity. The Rebbe encouraged this tradition and over the years gave out Chanukkah gelt to his community. He also gave to the students of the 770 yeshiva, and also ordered that money be given in his name to IDF soldiers in Israel.
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