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A portrait of the Rebbe of Chantzin – oil on cloth in an especially magnificent and impressive frame – signed by the artist Victor Brindatch, Israel, 20th century

An impressive painting in oil paints on cloth, in a magnificent and impressive wooden frame, the work of the Russian-Israeli artist Victor Brindatch. On the back of the painting are the words: “Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Horowitz – Rebbe of Chantzin. Died on 18 Tevet 1916. Painted from an old painting.” A work in the style of the famous paintings of Isidor Kaufmann. Signed by the artist. Dimensions of the picture without the frame: 15*23 cm, including the frame: 45*50 cm. Slight cracks and blemishes on the frame. Very good overall condition. Victor Brindatch (born on May 10, 1941) is a Jewish artist of Russian origins who currently lives and is active in Israel. A member of the Israel Painters and Sculptors Association and formerly a member of the Painters and Sculptors Association in the U.S.S.R. His works are inspired a lot by daily life in Israel and the Israeli mentality, by Jewish folklore and the volatile situation in Israel. In his paintings he often describes current political events. His works include pictures that depict situations and events connected to Jews in Israel and worldwide: pictures of festivals and people celebrating, soldiers and battles, European Jewry. He has held many exhibitions in Israel and worldwide that are attended by many people thanks to his special and unique style that has led to him having a prominent place among his artist contemporaries.
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